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pipe problems

Pipe Nightmares When most people experience water flow problems, they chalk it up to clogging related to hair or other particles. In reality, however, many water flow difficulties stem from hard water, which promotes mineral buildup that can congest piping. Because hard water contains a large amount of dissolved minerals, it can cause lime scale […]

Farmer Spraying Pesticides

When nitrates enter public water sources, the blame is usually laid on farmers, or perhaps more accurately, on nitrate fertilizers. In Iowa, nitrate pollution has actually lead to a lawsuit against local farmers by the Des Moines Water Works. The lawsuit demands farmers stop releasing so many nitrates into the city’s water source. Counterintuitively perhaps, […]

California is currently suffering through a serious drought. The water-parched Central Valley has pumped enough groundwater out of local aquifers that in some areas the ground is actually sinking. In the midst of all this, it turns out that oil companies have been injecting chemical-laced wastewater into aquifers for decades—and they’ve been doing it with […]

toxins in your well water

Because it enters your home without being treated by municipal filtration systems, well water is especially vulnerable to contaminants. Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize how easy it is for outside forces to infiltrate their water supplies. Pelican Water has made new cartoon which we hope illustrates this problem in a fun and informative way. […]

UV Filter System

We all want clean, safe drinking water, yet municipal water treatment doesn’t always get the job done. In response, home filtration systems are rising in popularity, as more and more people seek to eliminate toxic metals, chemicals, and pesticides from their home’s water. Unfortunately, because they’re so small, dangerous microorganisms can sometimes slip through even […]